Viva las Artes de la India Mexico
Intensive Indian & Creative Music Workshops
August 13-17, Cuernavaca, Mexico

(En Español)


Abhijit Banerjee ~ tabla & rhythm
Abhijit is one of the top concert artists & teachers from India, who has played with many of the legends of classical Indian music such as Ravi Shankar, Nikhil Banerjee & Amjad Ali Khan as well tabla solo & crossover music. For more info:

Paul Livingstone ~ sitar, guitar & raga jazz
Paul is an international touring sitarist, composer & instructor who learned from the living legend Pt. Ravi Shankar & Rajeev Taranath among others. Paul also plays fretless guitars in his own brand of ragajazz & creative world music.

The workshops take place Monday through Friday Aug 13th-17th & will include: sitar, tabla, sarod, rhythm workshop, Indian music (tala & ragas) on western instruments, basic vocal, theory/appreciation and Raga Jazz ensemble!

The workshops are going to be at a beautiful hacienda near Cuernavaca (1 hour + from Mexico City). You can see the hacienda where we'll all stay for the retreat here check out the link FOTOS!

The cost is only $600 for the following:

  • a full week of classes with Paul & Abhijit all day long
  • (see schedule for class details)
  • food for the week (M-F)
  • lodging at Hacienda de la Luna (see website above)
  • transportation from (Mexico DF airport to Cuernavaca)
  • on Sunday afternoon/eve Aug 12th
  • transportation from (Cuernavaca to Mexico DF airport)
    on Sat morning Aug 18th

US/International students please submit your deposits of $300
July 25th & please write your checks to Sangeet School
Mail to Paul Livingstone: 5908 Annan Way, Los Angeles CA 90042
questions please contact Paul email:
phone: (323) 899-0704

Mexican students should contact Fabiola for registration at:
La Casa de Cultura de la India en México
(Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan de México A.C.)

Schedule of daily classes (Monday-Friday)

Morning schedule
8am ~ Intro to Hindustani vocal with Paul & Abhijit (60 min)
10am ~ Beginning sitar & sarod with Paul Livingstone (90 min)
11:30 ~ Beginning tabla with Abhijit Banerjee (90 min)

Afternoon schedule
1pm ~ Rhythm workshop with Abhijit Banerjee (90 min)
2:30 ~ LUNCH & BREAK
4:30 ~ Instrumental Sargam with Paul Livingstone (90 min)
6pm ~ Advanced tabla with Abhijit Banerjee (90 min)
7:30 ~ Raga Jazz Ensemble with Paul & Abhijit (60-90 min)

9pm ~ DINNER

Please note:

  • A special performance lecture/demonstration session by Abhijit & Paul will be included as well a listening/appreciation class. This will be scheduled on the first & third days of the workshops.
  • Instrumental Sargam class is for western instruments & advanced players
    of Indian instruments & advanced singers.
  • Private lessons may be scheduled on a need basis in intervals between classes.

    We are planning a group performance on Friday night (so the schedule is subject to change on the last workshop day.
  • There will be no Indian dance courses this year, though we are planning to include this in the future!


US/International students should travel to Mexico City on the morning 12th of July. You could also stay in Mexico City over the weekend or longer and check it out, it's an amazing place if you've never been there!

Plan your travel time accordingly: We should book our flights for Sunday morning, Aug 12th returning Aug 18th or afterwards.

After fees you will just be responsible for any expenses outside the workshop dates (13th-17th) & you're your flight to Mexico, (usually $350-400 from Los Angeles) from there you're set.

It's going to be about half students from Mexico & half from USA. We have some wonderful musicians already confirmed and I know this will be an amazing time!

(En Español)





Abhijit Banerjee & Paul Livingstone

Abhijit Banerjee & Paul performance in Bali
photo by Jorge Vismara