Born in Beirut, Lebanon, international performing artist Paul Livingstone is one of the leading sitarists in America today. He has focused his studies in the creative tradition of Indian classical raga music in which he has been rigorously trained for the past 25 years in India and the US studying under the late Amiya Dasgupta, Rajeev Taranath and the living legend Pandit Ravi Shankar.Paul has performed in around the US, Mexico, Europe & Asia and has just returned from a major concert tour performing Indian music in Nepal, India, Czech & Germany.

As a committed composer Paul leads his own Arohi Ensemble and has composed for film, television, theater and dance. He also plays a variety of fretless guitars and requintos of his own design and has also developed a unique style of 'ragajazz chamber music' blending Indian ragas, jazz, counterpoint & rhythmic material from diverse world traditions. As a creative force for true 'world music synthesis', Paul maintains a clear vision for the dissemination of traditional forms and is grounded in the rich cultural milieu of Los Angeles as a dedicated teaching artist & community activist.

Paul has performed in setting as a sitar soloist with Symphony & Choral to ragajazz, pop & rock contexts, in major festivals and venues such as the Hollywood Bowl...

Paul resides in Highland Park (NELA) as a local musician, composer, activist & educator he founded the Sangeet School of World Music.

Paul has just completed his 2nd cd called 'Salaam Suite', featuring many Los Angeles based & international artists including members of Ozomatli, Quetzal & Kan Zaman.

Paul played on Ozomatli's 2005 Grammy award winning 'Street Signs'. Paul also received an LA Music Week Award certificate of appreciation from the City of Los Angeles from District #1 Councilman Ed Reyes. The award & certificate are "In appreciation of pioneering music in our community and dedicating your life in teaching the rich multicultural heritage of music to our youth, therefore making our city a better place in which to live."

Paul composed Indian music and recorded sitar, sarod & requinto on the upcoming Albert Brooks film 'Looking for Humor in the Muslim World' with composer Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles) being release in January 2006.

'As Vishnu Dreams' was Paul's first theater production which he composed for Indian/world music trio. Paul played sitar, requinto, fretless guitar & Balinese percussion along Peter Jacobson on cello & Pial Hussain on tabla. This Cornerstone Theater run featured an extraordinary combination of acting & shadow puppets accompanied by world music soundscapes & live music.

Paul spent summer of 2004 on an APPEX Fellowship in Bali and also visited Jogyakarta to celebrate the 100th birthday master musician & teacher of Pak Chokro. APPEX was a wonderful collaborative creative experience with an amazing group of puppeteers, dancers and musicians from India, Philippines, Malaysia, Java, Bali & US.

He most recently produced & performed in the 'Wehda ~ Arab & American unity event' as part of the World Festival of Sacred Music. Paul received a small Subito grant from the American Composers Forum for a new piece 'Al-Takween' which was premiered in the festival. Last January Paul helped organize & performed in a Indian, Thai & Indonesian music for Tsunami victims in South Asia at the Senshin Buddhist Temple which raised over $23,000.Additional performances of note this year have include Santa Monica Festival, Occidental, Pierce & Glendale Colleges & Hathaway Family Resource Center.

Paul is a Cal Arts alumni BFA & MFA and an adjunct faculty member in the Cal Arts School of Music. Paul also founded the Sangeet School of World Music serving low-income minority youth in NE Los Angeles.

Paul has also studied Persian classical music with Hossein Alizadeh, Javanese Gamelan with Pak Djoko Walujo, Macedonian music with Miroslav Tadic, and jazz with Larry Koonse and Charlie Haden. With concert performances in the US, Mexico and Spain, Paul has played & recorded with world music, jazz & popular artists such as Ozomatli, Alanis Morrisette, Lian Ensemble, Swapan Chaudhuri, Geetha Bennett, John Bergamo, Glen Velez, Hossien Alizadeh, Jihad Racy, Poovalur Sriji, Kenny Burrell, Chitravina RaviKiran, Pedro Eustache, Wadada Leo Smith, Sandip Burman and Prince Diabate with whom Paul created a new ensemble called Tumbafé composing new world music and playing sitar with master kora player and griot musician from Guinea, West Africa, Prince Diabaté. This unique and innovative Indo/African quartet was received with tremendous enthusiasm 1992 World Festival of Sacred Music.

Alongside a community of dedicated individuals Paul has formed and is directing the Sangeet School of World Music and Dance in Los Angeles where he teaches many students on sitar, guitar and classes such as Indian music for Western Instruments and World Traditions of Modal Improvisation.

A composer and session musician for film Paul has composed for Ozomatli, Alanis Morristte, documentary film soundtracks such as Movements in Madness. Having composed & performed the music for the award winning film, 'Turbans'. Paul's original Turbans soundtrack is now available. Paul composed and recorded an Indian/hip hop musical score for Swaroop, an innovative Warner Brothers animation short on Cartoon Network.

Paul's debut record titled 'Arohi' 2002 incorporates unique variety of traditional and contemporary instruments from around the globe, this collection of original creative world music stirs up a potent blend of traditional and contemporary forms, styles and improvisations.

Arohi Ensemble features Leonice Shinemann on world percussion drum set and Peter Jacobson on cello and flute/woodwind virtuoso Pedro Eustache from Venezuela.

The Arohi Ensemble, The group is augmented on occasion by guest artists such as explosive mridangist Poovalur Sriji, Geetha Bennett vocal and veena master from South India and master Yugaslav guitarist Miroslav Tadic. Arohi, a term from Indian music means "an ascending melody".

Paul has received Artist in the Community grants from the city of Los Angeles has conducted music workshops and produced free and low cost concerts of world music and dance events in schools, churches and community centers since 1993. He is committed to making diverse art forms of music and dance available to people of all backgrounds in Los Angeles.



Paul Livingstone
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Swaroop, (Sunset)



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Raviji & Paul at home

Ravi Shankar
Raviji ,Zakir Hussain and Paul at a Concert

Arohi Ensemble
photo by Anthony Peres